About Me

Hi to my treasured readers.
This will tell you a little about me, my background and my work.

I began my career as a Psychiatric Nurse in the UK for several years. Through my work I discovered my passion for communication and I went on to gain a Diploma in Counselling from UWE, Bristol in 1998.
In 2006, having relocated to Mallow, Ireland as a single parent of 3 children, I chose to study for another Diploma, this time in Parent Mentoring at UCC, Cork.

Because of my personal life experience and professional training I am uniquely sensitive to the challenges that separated and divorced parents face. I feel passionate about sharing what I have learnt about co-parenting in order to empower others to find their voice, exercise choice and improve their family relationships.

When Mum and Dad fight and/or separate it’s like playing tug-o-war with a child’s heart. Respecting each other as parents, a distinctly different role to spouse, is the first step to emotional separation.

Even when your own childhood experiences were difficult I firmly believe you can choose to be the Mum or Dad you wish you’d had!

I am committed to continuing my own development and have completed a 2 year Trauma Counselling Training with The Rape Crisis Midwest service in Limerick.
I will now be studying on the BA (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy whilst working towards accreditation, in addition to bracing myself for the teenage years with my own children!


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