About United Parenting – Putting Children First

Do you…
– Want to shout less and laugh more?
– Feel you’re kids are driving you crazy?
– Ever think “No-one told me it would be like this!”

Yes! Then I’m here for you…

A child is not deliberately trying to make our life difficult. He/she is saying “see how difficult life is for me”

I will help you explore…
– How all behaviour makes sense
– Recognising that “bold” or challenging behaviours are outward signs of inner distress.
– Steps to building more effective relationships.
– How to have fun and create more happy memories.

Whether you’re facing tantrums with toddlers, fussy eaters, children who won’t stay in their beds, unhappiness at school or grunting teenagers, I will provide a safe non-blaming place for you to share while I listen. Together we will focus on improving relationships in your family, before a drama becomes a crisis.

This voyage of discovery and learning creates lasting change because when we know better we do better.

I offer workshops on topics such as
– Family Meetings
– Empowering Communication in Families
– The Sixty Minute Parent
– Love Languages for Children
– Stress Busting on a Budget
– Can You Hear me? (Listening Skills)
– Come Play With me (Quality Time and Child-led Play)

I see clients face to face for counselling and parenting support in the North Cork areas of Mallow, Fermoy and Ballincollig, Ireland. I currently have no waiting list so please contact me at unitedparenting@hotmail.com for a FREE consultation.


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