A raw, honest piece that I believe will inspire others to write and share.

The Journal of a Survivor

What do people mean when they say “You’re such a strong person”?  Do they really mean that they think you’re holding up well?  Or do they mean that they can tell you’re falling apart and want to try to prevent that from happening?  Do they really believe that telling you you’re strong is going to do anything to prevent you from falling to pieces?

I think I’ve been strong.  I think I’ve been doing exactly what I need to be doing to keep myself from falling apart.  I still feel broken, though.  I still feel like I’m falling to pieces inside.  It seems like everything around me is just working to make me fall apart.  Everywhere I go, everyone I see, seems to do exactly the right thing to start to break me down just a little more.  It feels like the world is working against me, just waiting for…

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