Happy New Year! from United Parenting

New Year, fresh start and time to act upon my intentions to get blogging. Usually I’m not shy to talk and have plenty to say for myself, even with people I don’t know. However, being somewhat of a novice in cyber-space and with a dinosaur of a computer that struggles to keep pace with my brain I have to confess to a few nerves about starting my journey here. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, the only real failure is not trying so here goes!

It’s my intention to post a mixture of my own writing, other authors work that inspires me, articles that I feel are relevant, affirmations, quotes and generally positive stuff that I like to share.

I would welcome interactions and feedback from others who share my interests in parenting, personal growth, reading literature of all genres, and being inspired by hearing others stories and learning from peoples experiences in life.

They say strangers are simply friends you haven’t met yet.
Hope to meet you soon 🙂